Wednesday, November 16, 2011

While I wait... a lttle tribute

So while i wait for my response (which is coming in the next two weeks) i have decided to do dedications to designers that I love and inspire me. Starting with non other than Girovani Valentino.
I think i first heard of Valentino when i was around 10 and my mom came back from Mauritius with this beautiful silk scarf and the label stood out to me because the name kind of looked like mine.
One of my many Favourites from his 2007 Couture collection
Soon after when Fashion TV was available i used to sit  at the screen and zone in everytime there was a Valentino show. The magical elegance in his gowns hypnotized me and when the signature red dress walked down the runway... i was in love. Throughout my teenage years i decided i would measure my success by how many Valentino gowns i owned and my heart broke when he retired in 2008 (i literally wore black to symbolize my mourning). Thankfully because of the strong foundation he built the brand still lives on in carrying that unmistakable Valentino glamour.

Saying goodbye surrounded by a sea of beauties in Red 

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